Commission prices

Here are the conditions under which I will be working. Remember to read my T.O.S before commissioning me. You can check the status of your commission on my Waiting List.

--- I can draw ---

• Pokemon / Digimon / Cute creatures.
• Fan-arts from anime / games.
• Original characters (OC) boys and girls.
• Furry.
• +18 NSFW.
• Cute objects.
• Twitch emotes / Panels / Badges.

--- I can't draw ---

• Mecha / Robots.
• Extreme gore.
• Detailed backgrounds.
• Pedophilia.
----This does not mean if your character doesn't meet these parameters I won't draw it, there are always exceptions that catch my eyes.----


Complex designs or extra items (Weapons, Plushes, Objects, etc.) will have an additional charge (+10-30$)
NSFW +50%

--- Icons ---

1500x1500 px

--- PNG VTuber ---

I'll draw a PNG Vtuber you can use on Veadotube Mini.
It comes with the following 4 files:
-Open Eyes and Close Mouth
-Open Eyes and Open Mouth
-Close Eyes and Close Mouth
-Close Eyes and Open Mouth
The file is 1500x1500px. Extra Expression is 5$ each.

--- Twitch Badges ---

--- Twitch Panels ---

--- Twitch / Discord Emotes ---

--- Steps to Follow to Order a Commission ---

Send me a message choosing the option you want to order with this info:1)- Character/s: Send all the references you can (Good references please ;o;)- Pose or facial expression, angles of view, etc. (Send clear references).
- Extra info.
--NOTE: The more you tell me about your request, the more likely is that you'll be satisfied with my drawing.--2) I'll message you back accepting or declining the commission.3) If the commission is accepted, I'll ask you to send the money before I start the sketch (this because there are people who ask for a commission, had the sketch done, and then never paid u_u).4) Once you approve the sketch, the lineart will be done to match it. I'll send you a preview after adding the base color.And that's all! :D